Santa Clara Considers Tough Nutrition Standards

New rules would impact all county facilities, including the fairgrounds.

Vanessa Herrera

Santa Clara County is looking at new nutritional standards for any drink or food sold or served at county facilities.

The changes are possibly the most comprehensive in the state and the nation according to the San Jose Mercury News. They would affect everything from vending machines to what is served at county jails, the probation department, social services, hospitals and even the county fairgrounds.

County leaders say it's not about changing all the food, simply offering healtier options. That means in addition to those high-fat, high-sugar foods you find at the fair, you will also have the option of buying fresh fruit and sandwiches.

The county board of supervisors will vote on the changes during its Tuesday meeting. Most of the rules would go into effect by July 1 but as recommendations. They would not be required until July 2013.

The new nutritional standards are part of the county's efforts to present obesity and improve nutrition.

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