Santa Clara County Fair Amps Security Following Gilroy Shooting

The deadly attack in Gilroy sparked safety concerns for other major events coming up across the Bay Area.

The Santa Clara County Fair began Thursday at the fairgrounds and both organizers and police have been making changes to make sure event goers are safe.

In addition to guards being at the front of the gate, sheriff’s deputies will also be walking around the fair monitoring the event. 

"We not only have a lot more deputies who are working today but also have a lot of special teams," Sheriff Laurie Smith said. "We have our off-road motorcycles, we have our regular motorcycles, K-9s that sniff bombs and ammunition, and our SWAT team is staged also today."

Everyone attending the fair had their bags checked and security used metal detector wands on everyone entering, which fair goers appreciated.

"It made me feel a little bit better walking in the door," said Kelly Crosby from Cupertino.

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