Santa Clara County Looking For Civil Grand Jurors

You could be a member of the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury

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Here is an interesting job option that will look great on your resume. How about being a member of a civil grand jury?

It is a part time job that very very important. The only thing it lacks is a salary. This is a volunteer gig.

The Santa Clara County Superior Court is looking
for people to serve a one-year term with the Civil Grand Jury.

The volunteer position will take a minimum commitment of 20-25 hours per week.
A Civil Grand Jury serves as the county's investigatory body and is often asked to examine the efficiency and integrity of city and county government. Basically, you look at evidence and then make a legal decision. One of the most famous grand jury decisions of late here in the Bay Area was the decision by a grand jury to prosecute Giants slugger Barry Bonds on perjury charges.
The county website says people who are asked to serve feel privileged to be selected.

Those who apply should be interested in learning more about the administration and operation of the government in the county in which they live.

The county states, "Although serving as a Grand Juror consumes many hours, those who serve are willing to give their time for the betterment of the government which, in truth, belongs to them."

The way to get started is to fill out an application. The deadline to apply for the 2012-2013 Grand Jury is Wednesday, March 21.

Click here for the official application.

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