Santa Clara County Makes Final Offer as Workers’ Strike Enters 10th Day

The Santa Clara County workers’ strike reached its 10th day Friday and negotiations remained at a standstill after the county said its final offer was on the table.

Workers were still out on the picket line around 8:30 p.m. Thursday with one of the largest numbers of striking workers yet in this strike. It included hospital workers at the Valley Medical Center as well as nurses who are not part of the union, but who also did not cross the picket lines.

On Tuesday the county announced that it would make its final offer, which included a 3% pay raise. But the striking workers said that it’s not just about wages. They said they are also understaffed.

“We’re short 1,500 workers and the county has no plans to fix it,” said Carlton Allen, a striking worker. “All they want to say is it’s just about the money.”

Nurses on the line said their contract expires Monday. In a news release the union said the members may start voting on the county’s offer next Tuesday.

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