Santa Clara County Sheriff Cancels Controversial Training Program

A law enforcement training program is now cancelled after causing controversy in the South Bay. The program is run by a private company known as Bulletproof Warrior.

Civil rights groups are upset. Silicon Valley De-Bug wrote an angry letter to the Santa Clara County Sheriff after hearing the office might host the program in mid-August.

The group says Bulletproof Warrior teaches an aggressive approach in dealing with citizens.

"Our law enforcement officers out on the street should not be thinking of themselves as 'warriors on a battlefield.' It's dangerous for them and it's particularly dangerous for our community," said Raj Jayadev, Silicon Valley De-Bug executive director.

The sheriff's office provided the following statement to NBC Bay Area on Wednesday:

"As of today, the class that was scheduled to be held in the Sheriff's Auditorium on August 17 and 18 is canceled. We have informed the class operator of this decision and we appreciate those community members that contacted us and voiced concern over this class and its provider. This training was not a mandatory class for any member of our office."

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