Santa Clara County

Santa Clara Firefighters Clear Brush in Efforts to Prevent Fires Amid Red Flag Warning

With a looming red flag warning that is set to begin at 9 p.m. Monday, communities across the Bay Area are hyper-focused on fire prevention.

In Santa Clara County, that includes efforts to clear brush in neighborhoods that are considered at risk. 

Firefighters will be clearing dry brush and dead trees in the next few days around the Santa Cruz mountains in efforts to eliminate brush that can fuel fire.

"Were working on a shaded fuel break to reduce the ground fuels and the possibility of fires emitting from the road coming outward," said Shirley Bondi from the Santa Clara Fire Safety Council.

Crews will clear six-and-a-half miles of brush near Highway 17 as part of the governor’s plan to reduce fire dangers across the state.

Firefighters are working against the clock as a red flag warning is in effect, and it is unlikely that crews will be able to use chainsaws on Tuesday.

"We don’t want to be using equipment that gives off sparks or anything of that nature, that could ignite a fire," said Bondi.

On Monday, the San Jose Fire Department issued a red flag alert on Instagram warning residents in the East Hills to be aware and prepare for fires, especially because of high winds.

Firefighters say anything above 90 degrees and below 30% humidity is always a cause for concern.

"The ultimate goal is to protect people, property, and lives by reducing all of the built up fuel," said Bondi.

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