Santa Clara Man Shatters World Records

Don says doing the poll vault gets him the most attention

Normal 0 The Bay Area has a new record holder in our midst. His name is Don Pellman and he lives in Santa Clara.

Pellman ran the 100-meter dash in 24.14 seconds last weekend at Stanford. He also jumped .99 meters in the high jump and cleared 1.00 meter in the pole vault.

Those numbers might not sound impressive until you learn that Pellman is 95-years old and he was competing in the Senior Olympics. By the end of the meet, Pellman reached rock star status for his many achievements.

He is the current world record holder in several track and field events. By Saturday night, he had four more gold medals circling his neck.

Pellman competes in:

  1. 100-meter dash
  2. Shot Put
  3. Discus
  4. Poll Vault
  5. Javelin
  6. High Jump

Pellman advice to staying physically fit includes a prompt to always take the stairs.  "I think most people don't exercise enough," he said.

If you missed him competing at Stanford last weekend, you can catch him again this weekend on TV.  He's featured in a documentary that will air this Saturday at 6 p.m. on KTEH (channel 10 on Comcast).  

 "Over 90 and Loving It" chronicles 13 Americans who have found fun in the 90s and 100s. They are all physically fit, funny and upbeat.  

The rest of us could learn a lot from this example.

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