Santa Clara Valley Water District Plan Water-Use Reduction Goal

Almaden Reservoir currently has less than 3 percent of its capacity -- the lowest of the reservoirs in Santa Clara County.

That's just one example of how a lack of rain has left the region bone dry.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District on Tuesday is expected to approve a new water-use reduction goal for the 1.8 million people in the South Bay it provides water to.

"It points to 10 percent at this time and then we will see how we do in March and February, and see if it changes," said Marty Grimes of the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Cutting back 10 percent means using about 20 gallons less each day, officials said, adding that you can achieve that by cutting your shower short by five minutes.

"That would be less watering of my  lawn, being more careful during the day," San Jose-resident Jennifer Moyan-Logan said. "Turning off the water when I can in the shower or in the sink washing dishes."

Grimes has other suggestions on how to conserve water.

"Fixing leaks in your house, changing shower heads to low flow if you haven't done that," Grimes said. "Those changes will make it really easy to reach targets."

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