Santa Cruz Preparing for Next Tsunami

As part of National Tsunami Awareness & Preparedness Week, Santa Cruz is trying to get people ready in case another, bigger tsunami hits the city. The Office of Emergency Services will hold a community meeting Monday night to talk about how business and home owners can be prepared.

A Research Geophysicist from UC Santa Cruz will talk about what kind of tsunamis can hit the area. There will also be someone from the California Geological Survey on site.

Tonight's meeting will be at the Santa Cruz Police Department from 7 to 9 p.m.

Officials list the damage estimate at more than $26 million after a series of tsunamis hit the harbor knocking boats and docks off their moorings the day after the 8.9 earthquake hit Japan.

More than 100  boats received damage ranging from broken masts and dings to total destruction from the tsunami. The harbor is still not completely open.

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