Great White Shark's Seal Lunch Shuts Down Beach

Great white shark caught feeding on an elephant seal.

California park rangers are warning surfers to stay out of the water after a great white shark shot out of the water and attacked an elephant seal off a Santa Cruz area beach.

According to the Mercury News, surfers spotted the attack about 150 yards off Waddell Creek Beach on Sunday. They saw a blood slick on the water after the attack. No one was in the water at the time.

The feeding prompted rangers to post signs in the Waddell Creek parking lot and on the beach warning people to steer clear of the water.

Rangers say the attack was not a "direct threat" to humans because it was outside the surf zone. In fact, it was not even unusual, aside from being spotted by beachgoers.

As a precaution, they plan to keep the signs posted through the weekend.

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