North Bay

Santa Rosa Fire Officials to Hold Wildfire Prevention Inspections

Fire officials will inspect North Bay properties Wednesday to make sure there's enough defensible space as they try to mitigate the potential damage done by wildfires.

The Santa Rosa Fire Department will make sure to clear any debris 30 to 100 feet around any homes. That debris includes tall grass, pine needles, dry leaves and in some cases, trees.

If the weeds are taller than four inches, owners will get a notice of violation.

"Not only are we protecting community, we are protecting rebuild areas, lots of open fuels," said Paul Lowenthal from the Santa Rosa Fire Department.

The burned Fountaingrove neighborhood where homes are being rebuilt will be the first to be inspected.

Owners in violation will be notified via Nextdoor or by mail. If nothing is done, the city will clear the area and bill the owners with any costs.

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