San Jose

Santana Row Expansion Plan Raises Concerns from Residents

Anxiety is high over a proposed housing project in the South Bay.

More housing may mean more traffic and others think a new Santana Row development may price them right out of the market at a time where people can find an affordable price to call home in the Silicon Valley.

Several hundred people turned out late Monday at a meeting in San Jose to voice their concerns over the city and developer rezoning their area. The project is putting people on edge.

"People want more housing. They tell the cities they want more housing. Cities put in the general plan to have housing and when it comes time to build it, they don't want it next to them," San Jose City Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio said.

The Santana Row expansion plan has been in the works since June 1998. Developers have acquired land along the way and have received city approval. The project may push people out and add traffic to an already congested area.

"Putting up with a little extra traffic. If it adds two or three hundred thousand dollars to the value of your property, then I think it's worth it," resident Titus Humphrey said.

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