Santas Santas Everywhere

SantaCon 2010 in the books.

Getty Images

You know its Christmas when dozens of drunken Santas wonder by on the streets of San Francisco.

SantaCon 2010 made that a reality this weekend.  It's a national event that got its start in San Francisco in the mid-1990s.  It involves people dressing up in costume for a day long pub crawl.   There isn't an official participant count and usually involves a couple hundred people.
A bartender at Gold Cane Cocktail Lounge in the Haight told Bay City News he counted 150 Santas on Saturday. "The Santas are playing pool and carousing," bartender Jason said.

The day is not organized and tends to be random as to where the Santas land for a drink or two or three.

There were no official complaints from Saturday.  Most reports the Santas and those who ran into them along the way had a merry time enjoying the holidays.

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