Saved for Father's Day: Dramatic Rescue

A grandfather gone missing found by worried son, grandson

The Guilliams family could have spent Father's Day in mourning. Instead, they've got something to celebrate.

After spending about 20 hours pinned in his car, 86-year-old John Guilliams of Orinda, Calif. was pulled to safety this afternoon. His family said he disappeared after driving to get a haircut and go to the library Wednesday. He never made it home.

"He should have been around 5, and he wasn't," Steve Guilliams told NBC.

Steve and his father joined Orinda firefighters in the rescue operations, and found John in his car, trapped in a tree. Firefighters cut the tree away, and John was transported to John Muir Medical Center for treatment.

"I'd say he's lucky -- probably tough, very lucky," said Vince Matulich of the Orinda Fire Department.

"We just want him to know that we love him, and we're very grateful that things turned out the way they did," said Steve.

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