Schwarzenegger's New Job: Amateur Food Critic

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was an early Twitter adopter. And he has long provided colorful tweets and twitpics.

Now the governor has a new social networking love: Foursquare.  Schwarzenegger recently joined the social networking site that asks users to "check in" from restaurants, parks or wherever else you may happen to be, according to the Los Angeles Times. The more you check in, the more "badges" you are given until you even become the virtual mayor of a place.

The actor turned politician is apparently using the site to audition for his career post politics. Several of Schwarzenegger's post are quick restaurant reviews around the Sacramento area, including his most recent review of Spataro Restaurant & Bar.

"For a light lunch, you can never go wrong with the salmon salad," he wrote a week ago.

Check in with the governor yourself, and see where a girly man won't eat.

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