Scott Budman Live Blogs the Apple Event From Cupertino

Editor's Note: Apple event is now over.

Apple is hosting reporters and analysts at its Silicon Valley headquarters Monday for a product launch event. 

NBC Bay Area tech reporter Scott Budman will be covering the event live from Apple's Cupertino headquarters. Follow Scott on Twitter @scottbudman for realtime updates.

11:15: Tim Cook starting to sound like he's wrapping things up. One More Thing? More on FBI fight...? "This is probably the last town hall announcement in the room." Hinting at the new "Spaceship." Lots of releases here .. Next year, yep...spaceship. That's a wrap. Now, we go get pictures of the new stuff.

10:59: iPad Pro, the 10-inch version, comes in four colors, and starts at $599. Basically it's the same as the 13 inch version, but smaller. Apple admits the great majority of iPads they sell are in the 10 inch size.

10:48: Now, updating the iPad Pro. This one is10 inches, like the regular one. The guts of the iPad Pro (13-inch model). Basically, a smaller version of the Pro. Waiting on the price....

10:42: Now talking about "CarPlay." A way to use your iPhone in the car. Music, maps calls, etc. This would be nice. Siri still feels unsafe.

10:39: New iPhone called "SE." Four inches in size. Similar guts to 6S. 12 mp camera. Apple Pay, etc. Cost starts at $399. Orders start this Thursday.

10:30: Also updated AppleTV. New features that integrate Siri ... Now, to the new iPhone....

10:29: Quick Watch update. New bands (yawn).  Price cut to $299 - now that has people interested...

10: 25: New "CareKit" app to help diagnose diseases like Parkinson's, Apple says patients can be helped, but still data will be private. This might be a tough sell, but interesting technology...

10:18: Talking about how doctors want to use the iPhone to possibly get early warning about childhood autism. This is the (thus far untapped) promise of Research Kit. Would be pretty significant for a phone.

10:15: Now talking about Research Kit - how researchers are using health data gathered from Apple devices. People have been signing up for RK, to track health data. This is the first time we're hearing about what's being learned. Info on Diabetes, etc. Now app developers and doctors are getting into the act.

10:10: Apple environment chief Lisa Jackson now talking about the environment, and Apple's recycling effort. "Sun, wind, water:" Jackson talks about Apple's commitment to being 100% renewable.

10:07: Whoa. Right off the bat, Tim Cook talks about the FBI case. Says "We need to decide, as a nation, how much power the government has over our privacy." Says "we won't back down," and people (largely Apple employees) applaud.

10:00: Apple just played a video looking back at 40 years .. it's 40th birthday is April 1st. Tim Cook now on stage, talking about the past...

9:56: We're just minutes away now. Everyone expects a smaller phone (like the 5), an iPad update, and some software. And of course, there's always something to surprise us...

9:50: Ten minutes to the start of today's Apple Event.

9:25: On the way into #Apple HQ. My guess for today? Focus on: 1. Small 2. Global.

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