Scott Wiener Talks SF Nudity on CNN

Put nudity and San Francisco together and you easily get the nation's attention.

Add a San Francisco supervisor trying to put conditions on public nudity and said pol gets invited to
defend his views on national television.

Supervisor Scott Wiener was on CNN Monday morning explaining his bill that would require nudists to carry a towel and throw on a robe -- or some other clothing -- before entering a restaurant.

Wiener said he is not trying to stop public nudity but instead he is trying to legislate a public sanitation issue.

"But this is really focusing on two very specific issues," he said. "One when you go into a restaurant
you should cover and two if you are going to sit down on public sitting you should put something

He said it is already part of nudist etiquette but some people unfortunately don't follow it adding that the issue is more common in his Castro neighborhood and not the rest of the City.

You can watch the full interview below.

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