Scour the City for Globes, Win Free Travel

Santa Rosa travel company wants you to travel for free


It's a beautiful day to enjoy the sights of San Francisco. As you do, keep an eye peeled for one of 20 globes planted around the City by Intrepid Travel. If you find one of the 20 globes, you could win a trip to Egypt or Peru, or travel vouchers worth as much as $1,000.

Intrepid Travel is in it's 21st year and it seems the time was right to experiment with social media. To help people find the globes, Intrepid will tweet out times and locations to their followers on Twitter. The globes will be stashed around the City between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Wednesday. The globes are different sizes and styles, some will dangle from trees.

The travel company is known for doing things a little differently, offering trips to locations off the beaten path. They take travelers on adventures to many exotic locations around the globe. But, for their foray into social networking, San Francisco was a natural match.

"San Francisco is one of our biggest markets. People here are educated and worldly and care about eco-conscious travel, " said Gina Kelly of Intrepid Travel. "San Francisco is a natrual match for us."

The Bay Area is so right for Intrepid Travel, the company is consolidating it's national and international operations and will soon do all of its business out of Santa Rosa.

We won't know until later how the social media experiment works out for Intrepid Travel but, here's hoping that it works out well for you! Here's a clue from this reporter: you can find one of the globes on the UCSF campus, just head to where some of the smartest people on campus spend most of their time.

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