Connery's Fictional Letter to Jobs Goes Viral

Twitter is slowly graduating from prematurely killing off celebrities to brilliantly imitating them.

The latest bit of misinformation to go viral on Twitter involves Sean Connery writing a letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

But like so much on Twitter, the letter is completely fabricated but that doesn't take away from the humor -- as long as you have a pretty decen Sean Connery voice in your head. Keep that handy for later.

The fake letter allegedly involves the former James Bond actor turning down the legendary founder of Apple's proposal for Connery to be a spokesperson for the company.

Dust out your best Sean Connery voice and read the fake letter below:

Mr Jobs:

I will say this one more time. You do understand English, don't you? I do not sell my soul for Apple or any other company. I have interest in "changing the world" as you suggest. You have nothing that I need or want. You are a computer salesman -- I am f---ing JAMES BOND!

I can think of no quicker way to destroy my career than to appear in one of your crass adverts. Please do not contact me again.


Sean Connery

The letter, complete on 007 letterhead, has been making the rounds on Twitter. But it's obviously not real. It comes from the fake Mac rumor site Scoopertino, which claims the letter comes from a book called iMaculate Conception: How Apple’s iMac Was Born.

The letter doesn't mean anything but it's worth a laugh and it sure beats tweeting the fake death of either Connery or Jobs.

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