Search Continues for Missing Woman Who May Have Been Swept Into Napa River

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Family, friends and strangers spent the day Wednesday combing the Napa River hoping to find a missing woman who may have been swept into the water during a recent storm.

Crystal Lea McCarthy vanished in the late hours of Dec. 13 after visiting a local convenience store.

"She called me about 10:15 asking me if I wanted anything else to eat," said Andrew Wright, McCarthy's boyfriend. "She said she was getting DoorDash. I got home about midnight. When I got home, she wasn’t there."

By morning, McCarthy still hadn’t come home.

"She had befriended a homeless woman, she told me, and that this homeless woman was staying beneath the bridge," Wright said. "I thought of that at the time, so I went down beneath the bridge that morning and found her umbrella and a pair of her boots."

Surveillance video from a nearby 7-Eleven shows the last time McCarthy was seen: late Monday night.

"They found footage of the 7-Eleven she was at with a man, a homeless man who we’ve actually spoken to, the detective's spoken to," Wright said. "His story is very strange."

It's strange enough for Wright to say he believes there’s more to that man’s story.

"I've talked to him personally. I know this group has spoken to him, too, some of them," Napa police Detective Brandt Keown said. "He's been very cooperative and forthcoming throughout this entire time. We are not considering foul play at this point."

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call Napa police.

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