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‘Donald Trump Has Got to Go': Second Wave of Election Protests Sweeps Bay Area

For the second night in a row, thousands of people took to streets across the Bay Area late Wednesday to express their heartbreak and anger at Donald Trump's seemingly improbable presidential victory.

Tear gas and flash-bang grenades were deployed in Oakland, where an anti-Trump demonstration was declared an unlawful assembly by police after bottles, rocks and firecrackers were thrown at officers. At one point, protesters also set off fireworks in response to police attempts to move in.

The window of the Agave Uptown restaurant, located at 2135 Franklin St., was vandalized by a man with spray paint as members of the crowd urged the vandal to stop.

Other windows were smashed and spray-painted in the vicinity of Webster and 17th streets.

Officers lined up in front of a Chase Bank location in the vicinity of Eighth and Franklin streets to prevent further vandalism after windows there were smashed. Trash fires were set nearby, and an American flag was also burned.

The protest kicked off around 5 p.m. at Frank Ogawa Plaza before people set off down city streets. People chanted "Not our president" while others carried signs saying, "Donald Trump is a rapist" and "Secede #CalExit."

Officers in riot gear were positioned through downtown Oakland on Wednesday evening, with more than 30 at the intersection of 15th Street and Telegraph Avenue.

Just before 7 p.m., police estimated that the crowd had grown to roughly 3,000 people, saying that traffic in the area was being impacted and asking drivers to use alternate routes. Just after 8 p.m., police said the turnout had swelled to over 6,000 people, who had flocked to 8th Street between Washington Street and Broadway.  

Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters marched in Oakland late Wednesday. (Nov. 9, 2016)

At roughly the same time, police officers stopped the massive crowd and a yellow truck from passing. It remains unclear what street they were on. NBC Bay Area's chopper appeared to show flash bangs being used to disperse the protesters. 

Alessandra Bergamin tweeted that protesters shattered the glass of a bus shelter, burned Trump in effigy and called for women, children and elderly people to leave the march. The group, which made its way to 14th Street and Broadway, plans to resume their rally at 5 p.m. Thursday, she wrote.

Bergamin also wrote on Twitter that an organizer instructed participants not to destroy "mom and pop, brown, black or native" shops in Oakland.

CHP officers based out of Oakland tweeted that the protest had forced them to shut down the Broadway off-ramp from northbound Interstate 880. Fremont police also were asked to assist the Oakland Police Department.

Earlier in the day, protesters took to Market Street in San Francisco, also yelling, "Not our president," as they meandered along city sidewalks and sliced through traffic.

A similar outcry of frustration and dissent was heard at the cable car turnaround near Powell and Market streets around 5 p.m. Over 2,000 people were scheduled to attend the protest, according to the Facebook event page.

While American voters come to grips with the new leader in the White House, droves of Bay Area citizens continue to voice their opposition in earnest. Jodi Hernandez reports.

Social media posts from the scene showed thousands of people carrying "F--- Trump" and "Dump Trump" signs while others read, "Fight White Supremacy." 

"Donald Trump has got to go. Hey, hey! Ho, ho!" chanted protesters, some of whom held signs accusing the President-elect of "making America hate again" instead of making it "great," as was his campaign promise.

San Francisco police officers, vans and cruisers lined Market Street as people marched toward Castro Street and through the Tenderloin district toward the Civic Center and UN Plaza. 

According to posts on Twitter, a peaceful candlelight vigil was held in the Castro district, while a group marched toward the Mission district around 7 p.m.

"I'm devastated by the election results and felt like I had to do something," one San Francisco resident said at the vigil.

Anti-Trump Protesters Hit the Streets in the Bay Area

Further south, San Jose State University students hosted a post-election rally in front of Clark Hall. Protest art, as it is called, was also spotted at an anti-Trump rally at MLK Library.

Berkeley was also scheduled to play host to its own march and rally. Irate citizens had planned to walk from the corner of Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue to the federal building in downtown Oakland, all the while speaking out against Trump's proposed immigration policies and the president-elect's history of racist behavior. The organizing activist group "By Any Means Necessary" was leading the protest, which was scheduled to begin at 6 p.m., according to an event flyer.

The rash of Bay Area protests marks an ongoing bout of tension that sparked when Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Trump early Wednesday morning. Students in Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco demonstrated immediately after the news broke before high school students across the Bay Area walked out the classroom hours later and spoke out against America's decision.

Thousands of protesters also gathered in Chicago and outside Trump Tower in New York City to voice their discontentment.
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