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Second Flag May Soon Fly in SF's Castro to Mark Progress in LGBTQ Inclusion

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As Pride month continues, a Castro-based organization is looking to make a massive addition to an already iconic Castro landmark in San Francisco: A second flag to ensure there is inclusion and representation in the LGBTQ community.

The Castro Merchants in a letter to the city released Wednesday revealed that the Board of the Castro Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Cultural District, or CQCD, held a vote opting to replace the iconic Gilbert Baker-designed Rainbow Pride Flag with the Progress Flag.

The Progress Flag has grown in popularity recently and features a different shape and additional colors, with baby blue, pink and white representing the transgender community and black and brown representing people of color.

The Castro Merchants, who say they maintain the pole and the replacement of the flag, are now asking for community support for a second flagpole at a separate location so both flags can be seen.

In the letter from the Board of Directors of Castro Merchants the organization explained their reasoning saying in part, "We propose to leave the internationally recognized, beloved, and historic symbol where it is and explore locations in the Castro to install a new flagpole. We believe the creation of an alternative space would best reflect our two sincere beliefs: symbols can change over time yet queer history matters."

There does not appear to be a timeline on the project

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