Second Hidden Message Letter From the Governor Surfaces

Schwarzenegger secretly declares his love for actor's smile and glutes

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a funny guy.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding an alleged hidden message in his veto letter comes word of another interesting letter the actor turned governor wrote.

Actor Dax Shepard appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday showing off a letter he says he received from Schwarzenegger in response to a joke he made about dating the governor's 17-year-old daughter at a fundraising event in 2007.

Shepard read the following letter using his best Schwarzenegger impersonation:

Thanks for taking part in the roast last night, but, no, you may not have my daughter. I'm sorry to break it to you but your terrific talent, great humor and so-so Arnold impersonation do not add up to son-in-law material, especially when the relationship would put you in jail. It would really mess up my weekends to have to schlep Katherine to visit you every Sunday. On a motorcycle or anywhere, I hope to run into you somewhere soon.

The "Without a Paddle" star also found his own hidden message in the note marked with the governor's seal: I love your smile and your glutes.

Friday the governor called rumors of his secret message on his veto letter to Ammiano a "wild" coincidence. He did not mention his letter to Shepard.

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