Security Guard Who Posed as FBI Agent Wanted in SF

Angel Wilfredo Castro is not an FBI agent, though he dresses like one.

An arrest warrant has been issued for a San Francisco man who is accused of impersonating an FBI agent, according to reports.

Police are looking for Alfredo Wilfredo Castro, 47, who in February was charged with three misdemeanors and four infractions for driving a Ford Crown Victoria that was illegally modified to look like a police vehicle, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

Suspicious police pulled Castro over on Feb. 11 during rush hour after he drove through some intersections' red lights with sirens blaring. Turns out he was rushing to pay his cell phone bill.

Police noted that his getup -- black boots, FBI T-shirt, cap and gun and star on his belt -- looked official but that he "did not respond like an FBI agent," the newspaper reported.

A warrant for his arrest was issued Monday after he failed to show up to court.

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