Stephen Ellison

Security Video, New Tech Help Police ID San Pablo Burglary Suspect

Police identified a suspected serial burglar in a San Pablo neighborhood thanks to residents' surveillance videos and some new police technology.

Sonia Manriquez has been terrorizing the neighborhood for weeks, police said, and was caught on camera numerous times. But she remained at large Thursday.

Manriquez has been prowling around the neighborhood, checking doors and knocking on doors. If she believes no one’s home, she will try to go through a window or unlocked door, police said.

The police department flooded the area with extra patrols and officers, as well as plain clothes detectives, and they were able to get a break in the case.

It was a simple first name: Sonia. Thanks to a new data filtering system, police were able to pinpoint all the Sonias in the neighborhood then narrow it down even more by arrests, all within seconds.

Turns out Manriquez was arrested in January for residential burglary. Police said her mugshot was a match with the woman in the videos.

Now, all patrol officers have her photo and are actively pursuing her, police said.

Neighbors said Thursday they hope she’s caught soon, and until then, they’re staying on guard.

Police said the case is a textbook example of police and neighbors working together. The new technology combined with all the videos were key to identifying the suspect.

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