Senior Dogs Available for Adoption

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If you want a dog but don’t think you can handle the big puppy energy, you might want to think about a senior dog.

Dogs are considered seniors as early as 8 years old, when they still have years to live, walk, hike and keep their owners company.

Saving Senior Dogs Week was started to highlight the plight of homeless senior dogs and the joys of bringing them into a family and giving them a home to live out their days.

Founder Alice Mayn of Petaluma says there are big benefits for adopters.

"They’re endless," Mayn said. "(The dogs) are trained for the most part, they’re housebroken, they don’t chew on things. And they are extremely grateful. I think that’s what I’ve learned the most from these dogs, is gratitude."

Mayn helps organize 50 to 60 senior rescues around the country.

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