Senior Flash Mob Invades City Hall

Forget Doris Day, these senior citizens chose the Black Eyed Peas for their flash mob.

What do you get when you combine Black Eyed Peas music with the elderly?

A rockin’ flash mob.

At noon Friday on the front steps of San Jose City Hall, a group of about 50 seniors gathered to dance to “Let’s Get it Started.”

The dancers included both patients and staff of CareMore, a healthcare company that says it’s trying to promote healthy lifestyle through activities like dance.

It was a coordinated flash mob happening at the same time across the West in Los Angeles, Phoeniz, Tucson, Riverside and Las Vegas. Josephine “Jo” Santos and Charlie Schrader are both members of CareMore.

They were practicing the line dance for the flash mob with some of their friends. “We’re gonna go out there and show them that us seniors are active and mobile,” said Santos, laughing. “And we got the moves!”

“We’re going to have a flash mob dance here and we’re going to really get into it, and go, go, go. It’s going to be fun to watch, fun for all of us out here doing this,” Schrader added.

And he may have been having the most fun out there, as he got to practice and mingle with half a dozen ladies around him.

To that, all he said with a grin was, “Well, I don’t mind.”

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