Serial Robber From Southern California Dubbed ‘Faux Badge Bandit' Hits Banks in Bay Area: FBI

He was dubbed the "Faux Badge Bandit" because he may be impersonating a police officer, according to the FBI's Laura Eimiller

An armed man with a badge and a wide brim hat who's wanted for robbing several banks across Southern California may have robbed banks in the Bay Area, the FBI said.

FBI officials told KSBW that based on descriptions of the robber — dubbed the "Faux Badge Bandit" because he may be impersonating a police officer — a suspect found dead at the scene of a bank robbery in Goleta may be the same person. The suspect in the Goleta bank robbery, 41-year-old Keith David Goodwin of Fresno ended up shooting himself in a nail salon.

Law enforcement officials describe the "Faux Badge Bandit" as a tall and roughly 230-pound white man, believed to be 40-50 years old, who's believed to have robbed banks in Cupertino, Danville and Elk Grove.

According to the Santa Clara county sheriffs office... this man enters the bank he is about to rob wearing what looks like a police badge.
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Take a look at these surveillance photos.   You can see the badge on his belt.   He also wears a wide brim hat.   And in one of the photos... he appears to have a gun holstered inside his shirt up against his rib cage.   He has pulled it out during a number of the bank robberies which is one reason why law enforcement considers him to be armed and dangerous.   This man had been robbing banks in Southern California but agents with the fbi say this summer he moved his operation up north to the Bay Area and robbed banks here in Cupertino....
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And other places throughout Northern California.   On this map we’ve created for you... you can see he’s hit banks in San Ramon, Danville and Elk Grove in addition to the banks in the Southern California towns of la Verne, Pasadena, Claremont and Santa Clarita. His most recent attempt was yesterday afternoon at a us bank inside a Safeway in San Ramon.   He pointed the gun.   Demanded money.   But remarkably the teller refused.   The suspect took off.
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Some descriptions of the suspect that might not be obvious from the surveillance photos.... he’s tall. About 6-1.   Heavy. About 260-270 pounds.   And has some acne scarring. The fbi is offering a 5000
Dollar reward for information leading to his arrest.

The man's most recent robbery attempt occurred at a bank inside a Safeway in San Ramon, according to officials. The suspect reported pointed a gun at the bank teller and demanded money. When the teller refused, he took off, officials said.

NBC Bay Area

The suspect was accused of robbing four other banks in Los Angeles County since May 31.

"A handgun has been brandished during the robberies and can also be
seen inside the holster," Eimiller told NBC Bay Area's sister station NBC Los Angeles, adding that investigators believe the bandit "may be armed with multiple weapons."

The FBI has offered a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the suspect's arrest. Anyone with information that could help investigators track him down was urged to call 911 contact FBI Tips.

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