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San Francisco Company Offers Wild Experiences at a High Price

Ever wanted to meet the Pope, learn how to fly a helicopter or sit in the front row of New York’s Fashion Week?

San Francisco-based IfOnly aims to make all of that possible. The company offers unique, and often absurd, adventures in the realms of food, music, fashion and art.

Founded by Trevor Traina, a graduate of Berkley’s Haas School of Business, in 2011 IfOnly touts “unforgettable experiences," according to its website.

But all of this comes with a price tag — and a hefty one at that.

Want to get up close and personal with a great white shark? Shell out $1,250.

For a personal race car driving lesson at the Mazda Raceway, you’ll need 1,350.

And these are just some of the hundreds of wild adventures that IfOnly offers to Bay Area residents — or at least those willing to pay. Popular among locals is a day in Napa guided by a sommelier for up to $903 a person, and even batting practice with the San Francisco Giants for $1,000.

But for those not looking to stretch their wallets too much, there are some cheaper options, like a couple's surf lesson in Carmel for $150 or a tour of the San Francisco Zoo Gardens for up to $79.

“With recent stats showing seventy-two percent of people would rather spend their money on experiences than things, it’s easy to see that the long-predicted ‘Experience Economy’ has arrived and continues to strengthen,” Traina said in a press release.

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