SF Cars Getting The Boot

Even city supervisor gets his car stranded by parking officials

While only anecdotal, the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic may be cracking down on violators by getting lead footed with the dreaded "boot."

After five parking tickets, officials can attach a metal device to car wheels and incapacitate the vehicle.

Three cars were booted on a single block of Capp street in the Mission District, which is likely evidence of a sweep.

The cash-starved city could be looking to get more people to cough up their fines in order to help balance the books.

Though before you cry conspiracy, note that even San Francisco City Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi got kicked to the curb by the SFDPT.

Unlike the Mayor Gavin Newsom, other city officials like Mirkarimi must not be able to park wherever they like.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Transit Authority will consider extended metered parking hours and increase parking lot fees after promising to raise Muni rates and cut service. Photo by Kim Scarborough.

Jackson West figures if they don't catch you in the wash, they'll catch you in the rinse.

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