SF Circumcision Debate Gets a Comic Book

An attempt to ban circumcision is San Francisco has turned comical. But not everyone finds the debate amusing.

A group of activists, who ironically enough call themselves in-activists, have created a comic book that illustrates the plight of Lloyd Schofield to make it a crime to perform a circumcision on a minor in the City.

Schofield has been working for years to get a circumcision ban on the ballot in San Francisco. Last month, the activist finally collected enough signatures to put his measure before the voters.

Now a group has taken to Facebook to illustrate Schofield's activism with a comic book, which many could easily find to be anti-Semitic, or at least anti-religion.

"Foreskin Man" tells the story of a blonde hair, blue-eyed super hero in tights who fights a character named Monster Mohel and his rabbi-looking, weapon-wielding friends who perform circumcisions on children to protect their "Jewish heritage."

The book's hero must fight bearded-men who take a child to be circumcised against the mother's will. The entire book has been posted on Facebook since November, frame-by-frame to let you decide for yourself what you think.

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