1984 Revisited: SF Startup Mocks Apple Ad

In 1984, Apple stormed to the front of the tech scene with a famed commercial during Super Bowl XVIII that played on George Orwell's "1984." The ad established Apple as an anti-establishment tech company.

Now, 25 years later, a new startup wants to be known as an anti-establishment tech company -- and is spoofing Apple's famous ad to do it.

The hero of Apple's pitch was making a brave attempt against the establishment by literally fighting against the man (or big brother) with a sledgehammer. In the new generation spoof, by San Francisco-based company Double Twist, the zombies are all wearing white ear buds and the wizard resembles Steve Jobs. The woman carrying the sledgehammer is a Japanese anime figure.

Double Twist's video, posted to YouTube, promotes a new media library program meant to rival Apple's iTunes. The program is designed to work with all media players. iTunes famously works only with an iPod, and Apple has thwarted other company's attempts to access iTunes.

Watch both ads below. Here's the Double Twist spoof:

And here's the original ad from Apple:

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