Sex Crack Down at the Sex Fair

Whips and chains OK; genitals verboten

Hey, sailor, looking for a good time? Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news for bears, but this year's Folsom Street Fair is looking rather tame.

Folsom, and its kinky sidekick, Up Your Alley, both had permits approved last Thursday. But those permits are contingent on what the Bay Area Reporter describes as a "stronger anti-lewd-behavior" policy.

Complaints about public indecency at events that are dedicated to public indecency, reached a fever pitch last year, when conservative blogger Zombietime documented adult activity at the adults-only event.

Local activist Michael Petrelis suggested a compromise in 2009: the fair should install sex tents to provide attendees with a more private venue for their encounters. The Chronicle fired back with an editorial, calling private sexual activity "unsafe for public decency."

Of course, when sex is made illegal, only outlaws will have sex.

The biggest winners in the City's war on outdoor intercourse? Bathhouses like Steamworks and Power Exchange, both of whom come out on top.

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