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SF Cyclist, Pedestrian Safety Projects Put on Fast Track

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The effort to separate people and cars on the crowded dangerous streets of San Francisco are on a new fast track. It's about saving lives, proponents say.

Protected bike lanes in the South of Market district are on the table.

Cyclists say the protected bike lanes improve safety. Currently, on Howard Street, the lanes stop at Third Street. They don't line the street all the way to the Embarcadero.

It's that 10-block stretch where traffic planners say there are lots of collisions involving cars and bikes.

Cyclists in San Francisco agree it's a dangerous way to get around. So the city is putting some safety improvements, specifically separated bike lanes, for the area on the fast track.

And on Seventh from Townsend to Folsom the city is moving forward under a "quick build program."

Instead of waiting months to get on the SFMTA's City Hall agenda, a community meeting Wednesday night is doubling as an official public hearing, with both projects on the table.

Parking spots will be eliminated in both locations. Some will be removed next to crosswalks, improving safety for pedestrians.

Not everyone is sold on the plans.

Steve Dizon and other food truck operators will still have a place to park on Howard, but the design puts customers in the bike lane.

"If we move here, pedestrians have to cross the bike lane," Dizon said. "It's a hazard."

The SFMTA says it expects to put its design decisions online in 10 days and work could begin in the spring.

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