SF District Attorney “Forgot About” Thousand Unsolved Murders

What Else Will Slip DA's Mind?

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón has a lot on his mind. Good think DA candidate Sharmin Bock is there to remind him about the 1,000 unsolved murders his office "forgot about."

A grant application for federal funding filed last year -- and signed by Gascón, then the police chief -- said that the San Francisco Police Department had 1,000 unsolved murders and more than 900 unsolved rapes, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. When asked about the high totals, Gascón said that they must be going back to the "the 1940s, the 1920s," he told the newspaper.

But no -- the 910 unsolved rape cases go back only as far as 2000, and the 1,151 unsolved homicides go back 25 years , according to the San Francisco Examiner, which first reported the totals.

When confronted with this information, and the grant application he signed, Gascón told the newspaper he had "forgot" about his department's incomplete work, the newspaper said.

The grant application worked, gifting the department $424,000 to solve cold cases using DNA evidence. 

Gascón hit back, saying that in Alameda County, where Bock is a prosecutor, less than half of murders in 2009 were solved, while 71 percent in San Francisco were "cleared," which means at least charges were filed.

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