SF Hopes “Navigation Center” Will Help Homeless Find Permanent Housing

San Francisco's Mayor was shocked that homeless people were being soaked for sleeping in the doorways of Saint Mary's Cathedral. But homeless advocates said every morning a city hose crew sprays sidewalks in an attempt to move the homeless.

Nicholas Kimura of the Coalition on Homeless said the spraying have been going on for over a year.

Kimura added the spraying happen around 3 or 4 a.m.  and the city is targeting homeless camps on Market Street.

"Rousting them, telling them to leave and pack all their belongings," Kimura said.

San Francisco Department of Public Works spokeswoman Rachael Gordon said the spraying is a daily routine.

"We have to keep the streets clean and sanitized," Gordon said.

Gordon said the city is opening up a new homeless center next month at 16th and Mission streets. The shelter will be called the Navigation Center.

"Full encampments can go into this place, get triage for a few days, get a hot shower, get a place to sleep, a place to do their laundry," Gordon said.

Officials said the Navigation Center will be the latest step in trying to get people off the streets and into more permanent housing.

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