SF Is the World's Greatest Vacation Place

What's nicer than Nice? San Francisco of course.

US World and News Reports has put out its list of the best spots for the best summer vacation and on top of that list -- ahead of Nice, France -- is San Francisco.

The magazine says the City is one of the best vacation spots any time of the year but summers are particularly nice.

San Francisco is one of the best vacation spots in the world at any time of the year. But it really shines in the summer, with comfortable temperatures and a fun atmosphere. Crowds can make sightseeing a bit annoying, but not to an unreasonable level. Note: If you're looking for a California beach experience, you'll be better served by Southern California -- Los Angeles and San Diego, in particular.

Second on the list was Mykonos, followed by Nice, Maui, Paris, Los Angeles,  Montreal, Seattle, Aruba, Munich, West Palm Beach and Las Vegas.

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