SF Moves to Extend, Expand Moratorium on Evictions

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San Francisco city leaders Tuesday night approved an extension to the city's coronavirus-related eviction moratorium, a protection that took effect in March and now remains in place for the duration of the pandemic.

Those who are behind in their rent because of any coronavirus reason cannot be evicted, the ordinance says. The rent will still be due, but tenants can't be evicted for not paying it as soon as the shelter order lifts, and they can’t be charged interest or late fees.

State Assemblyman David Chiu is proposing a similar statewide moratorium that protects renters across California. The state Judicial Council, which enacted the statewide eviction ban, may vote to end it, allowing local counties to decide what they need based on their COVID-19 picture.

If the council votes to end it, the statewide protections for renters would end Aug. 3.

Landlords are on the other side of the equation and say that without collecting rent, they can’t pay their mortgages, property taxes and other expenses.

Communities are looking to come up with some funding or tax relief to help keep landlords afloat too.

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