SF Neighborhood on Edge in Wake of Assault on Mother Carrying Her Baby

Residents of a San Francisco neighborhood are on edge and want answers about the assault of a mother carrying her baby while walking along a sidewalk earlier this month.

The woman suffered a fractured skull while walking along a city street June 3, and now some are worried moms are being specifically targeted in the Noe Valley neighborhood.

Police need witnesses or video to help them solve the case. The victim's friends have posted requests for video all over the neighborhood.

The mother was carrying her infant, walking under some trees on Sanchez Street, near 28th Street. She doesn't remember what happened, but she was found on the ground bloody with a severe injury to the back of her head.

People in Noe Valley want answers from police about who hit a 37-year-old mother.

Footage from security video shows the victim cross 28th at Sanchez. She walks out of frame, and about 20 seconds later, a person comes down the street and turns the corner.

Not long after, the woman is heard screaming.

Resident Jessica Farb isn't feeling safe. She is close friends with the victim.

"Very severe brain injury, skull fracture," Farb said about her friend's injuries. "Any type of stimulation will cause her head to hurt."

The baby was not harmed.

Police Capt. Jack Hart says he's looking into an incident in the Mission where a man hit a woman carrying a baby in the head with rolled up newspapers. But he doesn't believe there's a connection.

"The question is: Is this is a series?" Hart said. "We've not been able to identify one yet. Not for lack of looking."

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