SF Politician Dodges the Marriage Question

SFist has taken to given San Francisco's Board of Supervisors weekly power rankings.

One local store owner was interested in his own ranking this week.

During a campaign visit to the Mission District Tuesday, San Francisco interim mayor and future permanent mayoral hopeful, Ed Lee, was accompanied by supporter Supervisor Jane Kim.

And while Lee's entrance into the race, despite promising not to do so, as hoarded the political chatter in the City recently, the District 6 supervisor was the one forced to answer the difficult questions.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that 34-year-old supervisor was asked by a Chinese shopkeeper from Sam’s Shoe Services why she wasn't married yet.

Kim laughed and said she isn't married yet because she's "working really hard at City Hall.”

She then told the shopkeeper that the key to her heart could be found by voting for Lee for mayor -- not really but she did tell him to support the incumbent mayor.

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