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SF Resistance to Trump's Immigration Order Grows

The resistance to President Donald Trump's immigration order is playing out in several ways and in multiple venues in San Francisco, a city known for its diversity.

From the streets to the classroom to automated phone calls, San Franciscans opposed to the president's bans on refugees and immigramts are making sure their voices are heard.

All 56,000 students in the San Francisco Unified School District received an automated phone message Monday to reassure families that, despite our new president's executive orders on immigration, it is safe for students to go to school.

"We want to make sure students don't miss out on an education, and we are here to serve all students, regardless of immigration status," district spokeswoman Gentle Blythe said.

Also Monday, at San Francisco State University, a panel discussed how to promote unity through education. Organizers hope to stop incidents like the hateful posters that were hung up on campus last fall targeting Muslims.

"Islamaphobia is not only targeting Arabs and Muslims," said Rabab Abdulhadi, AMED SFSU professor. "It's true, it is. But it's an invitation to racism against everybody."

At the Islamic Society of San Francisco, the Truman National Security project had a message of its own about the safety of our country under this new order.

"It makes us less safe by sending a signal to the rest of the world that we're not a place that can be trusted, as far as valuing our allies, our Muslism allies, overseas and the fight against terrorism," the council's Josh Weinberg said.

The common theme expressed among all entities in San Francisco was unity against the executive order and a commitment to continue to fight it.

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