SF Spends More Per Citizen on City Services

Report shows costs higher than other California metros

A report from the city controller's office shows that San Francisco spends considerably more on police, fire and public health per capita than other cities in California.

But not without good reasons.

For instance, Los Angeles spends about $133.75 per person on mental health programs, while San Francisco spends $300.63.

And while LA has it's share of kooks, few can argue that San Francisco is the capital of crazy. One can only imagine what it would be like if less money was spent.

Then there's the $239 per person for fire suppression compared to $111 in other areas? San Francisco is made out of wood, people. One spark, and it's 1906 all over again.

As for the 9.8 percent of police salary costs that go to patrol and investigation overtime costs, compared to 6.2 percent on average, well, all those murders aren't going to not solve themselves.

So, why are the costs so high? Another report from a private consulting firm cites lack of communication between the mayor and the Board of Supervisors.

A spokesman for the mayor's office said Mayor Gavin Newsom was working to improve communications. Presumably by demanding that legislators follow him on Twitter.

Jackson West would like to remind everyone the alternative is, you know, living in LA.

Photo by Chase Tingley.

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