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SF Uber Driver Fights Off Would-Be Carjackers During Series of Attacks

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An Uber driver in San Francisco fought off would-be carjackers in what police believe was a series of related attacks early Thursday morning.

The first attempted car-jacking occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on Ninth and Harrison streets, and the second happened just 5 minutes later in the 300 block of Harrison, police said.

A third attempted car-jacking occurred at about 3 a.m. at Mission Street and Duboce Avenue, police said. Three armed suspects were involved in all three incidents, and police believe they are related.

In one car-jacking, the suspects broke the window of a woman's car, but she screamed, and the suspects fled.

The second victim, an Uber driver, fought off the suspects and was then able to locate police, who were at the scene of the original attempted carjacking.

"Three people came to my car, one got in back seat, one tried to get me out, and I kept fighting him," said the Uber driver, who did not wish to give his name. "Finally, I get back into the car and start the car and make the turn. I realize there’s still a person in my car I told him to get out."

Further details of the third incident were not available.

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