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SF Woman Hit in Eye With Paintball in Random Attack

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A woman says she was struck in the eye with a paintball in a disturbing attack in San Francisco.

Zoe Gisewhite said she is still stunned about what happened to her just after midnight on October 30.

She told NBC Bay Area that they had done some work at Outside Lands and got to enjoy some of the festival.

Gisewhite said that she and other people left on a bus and eventually got off, waiting for someone to pick them up.

As they waited near Sunset and Noriega, she said that someone fired a paintball gun at them repeatedly and drove off.

Gisewhite said she was hit three times including one in the eye while her partner was hit about six times.

“It hurt very badly. I couldn’t see. I finally got to see it in a mirror and I calmed down a little bit,” she said. “We were going to the hospital. They didn’t tell me anything there besides what I had in my eye. The doctor I was seeing all week was on call and was like this is our plan.”

Gisewhite said that she couldn’t see and even still it’s mostly darkness in her left eye.

She told NBC Bay Area that she has been going to the doctor every day since the incident.

Gisewhite is a hair colorist. She said hasn’t been able to work and is still in quite a bit of pain.

Gisewhite added that the attack has left her feeling sad and angry that someone would do this but she said that she’s also gotten a lot of support.

There is an online fundraiser to offset expenses.

Police said the investigation continues.

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