San Francisco

SFAlert Warning System Sends Out Erroneous Tsunami Warning

Residents were advised to prepare to evacuate at 8:46 a.m.

Subscribers to SFAlert, a text-based alert system run by the city and county of San Francisco, got quite an alarm Friday morning when an erroneous Tsunami warning was sent to their phones.

The warning told San Francisco residents at 8:46 a.m. that the city was on "TSUNAMI WATCH" and advised evacuation preparations. An additional message followed, clarifying that the tsunami warning was sent in error.

According to Francis Zamora, who works as an external affairs manager for the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management, the warning was sent during a system test.

"It was part of a regular test and training,” he said. “When we do these trainings they don't usually go out like they did today….how that occurred and why it occurred is something we’ll be reviewing."

The emergency management team apologized for any inconvenience the warning may have caused.

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