San Francisco

SFMTA to Vote on 25-cent San Francisco Parking Meter Hike

Drivers may soon have to dig even deeper to cover parking meter costs in San Francisco in order to cover an unexpected hole in the city’s budget.

San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency last year approved a small 27-cent debit and credit card transaction fee for smart meters, but credit card companies argued it violated merchant rules.

According to a SFMTA report, “The continued collection of the $0.27 fee in violation of these rules runs the risk of the SFMTA losing access to BAMS (Bank of America Merchant Services) credit card payment/processing services.”

To cover the unexpected $6 million gap in the budget, the SFMTA is now considering a 25-cent per hour increase for anyone who parks at a meter.

Transit officials will put the issue to a vote Tuesday.

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