SFO Flights Canceled to Northeast


Hurricane Irene may have only left a glancing blow to the four boroughs of New York City, but her  potential impact was enough to make an absolute mess for anyone trying to fly back east this weekend.

Another 41 flights from SFO to the East Coast were canceled Sunday, according to an airport spokesman.  Flights to the New York region were also canceled out of San Jose and Oakland airports.

No flights were scheduled to leave the northeast region Sunday, with the exception of Dulles International Airport in  Washington, D.C.

Flights are expected to get back on track Monday, but it will take days to get everyone who was supposed to fly out of the Bay Area Friday, Saturday and Sunday on to a flight.  Most airport officials agreed it will probably take several days to clear the glut of passengers whose travel plans were put on hold. 

  More than 8,000 flights have been canceled nationwide.

The storm, downgraded from a hurricane Sunday morning, caused some flooding and widespread power outages across New England, but little infrastructure damage was believed to have occurred.

A JetBlue executive in New York City said the airline hoped to resume flights at John F. Kennedy and La Guardia airports by Monday afternoon. Other airlines were expected to follow suit.

The FAA advised passengers headed to the east coast to monitor the status of Hurricane Irene and check directly with their airlines for any flight delays or cancellations.

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