Stephen Ellison

SFO Flights to Houston Canceled, Leaving Travelers Stranded, Scrambling

With Houston's two major airports closed due to flooding, travelers at San Francisco International Airport on Monday were scrambling for options.

No commercial flights were going in or out of Houston as many people at SFO were trying to get home. Some were content to wait for the airports to reopen. Others were flying to other Texas airports and hoping to drive the rest of the way.

Some travelers such as Linda Ellender knew flood waters were surrounding her home Monday.

"I'm worried about my dogs," Ellender said, adding that she's relying on loved ones until she can get home. "If we walk home and find everything as we left it, I'll be so happy."

Trying to get home after a vacation, the Smiths decided to rebook on a flight to Austin. Their home is surrounded by road closures and rising water, they said. But they plan to try to drive in.

"We'll get into Austin at 6, drive to Houston and swim home," they joked.

Others were rerouting to Dallas. Allison Montnaye said her house is dry, but she is eager to get home and help friends and neighbors who are underwater.

"We can't wait to get home and help," Montnaye said. "It's frustrating; we want to get home and help."

There was no official word on when the Houston airports are expected to reopen.

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