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SFO Runway Construction Causes Flight Cancellations, Delays

Some inbound flights to San Francisco International Airport are experiencing an average delay of almost four hours Monday, due in large part to a runway out of service for reconstruction.

Runway 28L, one of SFO's four runways, closed Saturday for a scheduled 20-day reconstruction.

As of 5 p.m. Monday, 140 flights — 69 departures and 71 arrivals — had been canceled for the day, according to FlightStats. A total of 383 flights — 130 departures and 253 arrivals — had been delayed.

Over the weekend, 606 flights experienced delays and 247 flights were canceled, according to an SFO duty manager.

Not all of the delays and cancellations are linked to the runway construction. Weather problems and mechanical issues are also playing a role.

Airport officials ask that anyone planning to fly out of SFO during the runway construction, or meet an arriving flight, to check with the specific airline on the status of any given flight before making plans.

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