San Francisco International Airport Debuts New Ride-Share Pick-Up Area

Starting Wednesday, there is a new pick-up zone for ride-sharing users seeking to leave San Francisco International Airport's domestic terminals.

Arriving passengers now have to walk across a sky bridge to get to the rooftop of the hourly-parking garage where a new pick-up area has been set up.

Travelers landing at SFO's domestic terminals are used to meeting Uber and Lyft drivers right at the curb, but the thousands of curbside daily pick-ups and drop-offs were causing gridlock.

"You've got everyone picking up and dropping off at the same time," ride-share driver Hans Rude said. "It's a mess sometimes."

Airport officials said the ride-share traffic jam was slowing everyone down.

"Today, we're dipping below 10 mph, in other words, real stop-and-go traffic," SFO spokesperson Doug Wakel said. "Difficult to get around domestic terminal."

To get things moving again, the airport relocated Uber and Lyft pick-ups to the top floor of the domestic parking garage and painted arrows at the new area to help drivers navigate.

Some rider-sharing users are following new signs and giving it a try.

"I think it's a lot more convenient actually," Suga Hickox of San Francisco said.

But others are not as excited about the change.

"I understand they have a congestion problem, but I think it will make it worse," Bob Smith of Foster City said.

Extra airport staff were at the domestic terminals Wednesday helping people find their way to the new pick-up zone.

Curbside drop-offs will still be allowed at the domestic terminals. There are no changes at the international terminal.

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